About Boulder Designs

Boulder Designs® has been adding both style and functionality to landscaping across the USA. Boulder Designs® is the only company in the United States that specializes in custom made personalized Boulders for both residential landscape uses as well as commercial business signage. 

The main appeal of this product is its ability to complement existing landscaping while offering an eye appealing alternative to typical business signage. Boulder Designs® also greatly reduces costly maintenance issues. If you demand both style and functionality for your business or residential landscaping, we are the company to call.

Our team is passionate about the high-quality custom boulder products we offer at Boulder Designs. We know image matters. Often your outdoor landscaping is what first greets your guests or clients. It also is what welcomes your family home each day. It should be personalized, elegant and speak volumes about the residence or business. It should be 100% you.

 We are a Turn-key Operation from Design to Installation.   Because we design, manufacture and offer installation on our products, we are in sole control of quality, price and delivery time.  Guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

About Owner

Matt Maier is the proud owner of Boulder Designs.  As a hands-on entrepreneur, Matt loves to be involved in each rock build, from design all the way to installation. A self-proclaimed “quality control freak,” Matt only lets flawless boulders leave his manufacturing facility.

He started out long ago as a high school kid sweeping the floors at the Boulder Designs shop.  Over time he fell in love with the uniqueness and durability of the product and moved up to work at the franchise headquarters.

Over the course of his career with Boulder Designs, Matt has done every job, from research and development to training to now ownership.  He’s passionate about helping landscape companies, architects, developers, municipalities, parks, businesses and homeowners bring to life the boulder of their dreams.

Matt loves working with his clients and seeing their satisfaction with their custom-crafted boulders year after year.  As an everlasting product with low maintenance, our boulders truly set you a part and help you become the landmark you were always meant to be – in any shape, any size and any color!

Matt is known throughout the Boulder Designs company as an innovative leader in the field.  Some may say, he lives and breathes Boulder Designs, but we may know better.  Matt also is a loving family man, who always carves out time for his wife Falonn, and his children Liam and Macie.  He also enjoys the outdoors, racing, and traveling.

Matt Maier Owner Of Boulder Designs Champaign, IL

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Signs that ROCK!

About Product

All Boulder are created out of an enhanced concrete.  Our proprietary mixes and specialized equipment allow us to custom-craft rock boulders with the highest strength in the industry and to bring to life your vision - any size, any shape, any color-Made to order!

Why Choose Us?

The Boulder Designs team is passionate about flawless custom-crafted rock boulders. We love to help you bring to life custom creations that will enhance your outdoor living space for years to come. 

Free Consults 

There is no fee to discuss your ideas with us. We’re happy to help you brainstorm as well. Obtaining a boulder quotation is simple and easy

Quality Materials 

Our custom boulders are solid poured and do not have a “hollow shell.” They are highly durable and stand the test of time with beauty and elegance.

Expert Design

We are experts in our field and utilize special proprietary materials and equipment to showcase your content on solid one-of-a-kind boulder creations.

Low Maintenance

There is little to no maintenance with our custom boulders compared to plastic, wood or vinyl products. Additionally, it outlasts most of today’s products within the signage industry.  Everlasting to keep business signs cost low.

Custom Creations 

Really… any size, any shape, any color. We build to your specifications and budget.  Custom outdoor business signs that rock!

Some Of Our Clients

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