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Looking to order a stone larger than 32" x 32", or a more customized stone?

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight Of The Boulders

As they are all custom made the weights vary by a few pounds, however averages are...

24" x 24" is ~85 lbs.

Installation Guide

All Boulders have a hole in the bottom.  We provide you with a steel stake.  Once you know location you want Boulder placed and no utilities in ground hammer stake approximately half way in the ground, leaving half out of ground.  Then slide Boulder over stake and turn to the desired angle.

How long Til Completed

On Residential Stones they are completed within 2 weeks.  Once completed we will call or e-mail you to schedule delivery or pick-up.

Pick-up Location

1503 County Rd. 2700 North.  Rantoul, IL 61866

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You Want A Custom Design Or Size

Please e-mail us at your requests.  We will get back to you with personalized proof designs.

Also you can fill out our Contact Us Form at the bottom of this page.

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